About Us

About our Company

Cooperative Cleaning is a worker-owned home cleaning agency committed to delivering high-quality services to Airbnb hosts and home owners, and high-quality jobs for cleaning professionals. Our Cleaners receive extensive training in cleaning best practices for residential clients and Airbnb Hosts. Cooperative Cleaning offers workers fair wages, training, and a supportive work environment. We believe that excellent home cleaning begins by creating dignified, professional jobs in our community.

About our team members

Our members are extensively screened to ensure they can fulfil their job requirements, as well as fit within the culture of our worker-owned cooperative. Many members have worked for our parent company, Cooperative Home Care Associates (CHCA) for several years serving the needs of elders and adults living with disabilities throughout NYC.

Additionally, our teams are trained to look out for details post-guest, like broken or missing items. They essentially are your eyes and ears when you are away from your home.

Our parent company, CHCA

For over 30 years, Cooperative Home Care Associates has built a reputation as a nationally recognized training and workforce development employer. Since the beginning, founding members of the cooperative focused on the delivery of high quality services by providing high quality jobs for employees.

Over the course of its existence, the cooperative has developed and refined a top-notch team of leaders who are committed to developing and empowering staff and creating opportunity for career advancement from within. It is these same individuals who provide the management support and oversight of Cooperative Cleaning and bring these fundamental tenets to the home cleaning sector.